Selling online in Indonesia

Online market in Indonesia – A sunrise industry

Selling online in Indonesia: The most popular websites in Indonesia

Consumers in Indonesia could be regarded as the most active social media users on a global scale. They browse products and communicate with shop owners. Actually, they use social media as a direct channel to shop. Social media is a crucial way of selling online in Indonesia, which have been the main factor in consumers’ choices. Selling online in Indonesia has great potential to stimulate the economy in South Asia. The most popular e-commerce websites are listed as follow.

Lozada is was always known as Amazon in South Asia also goes by the name of Jingdong Mall in South Asia.It mainly sells 3C products online and could make a good profit because of the lack of arch rivals.

Mataharimal is one of the best in terms of scale and product category.The scope of its business mainly covers electronic products, fashionable dress, living things, books and so on. Although the time of its selling online is relatively short, they have been a comparable competitor to Lazada.

Tokopedia has become the largest selling online platform in Indonesia since its establishment five years ago. It is called “Taobao” in Indonesia. Tokopedia has tens of thousands of shops online whose monthly visits are beyond ten million.What is more, its quantity of selling online could reach up to about 2 million, that is to say, Tokopedia
occupies a decisive position in Indonesia.

Mobile shopping in Indonesia

In the past year, up to 67%, Indonesian has ever shopped online using mobile phones. According to the new statistics released by the search giant—keyword and a market research company—Daxue Consulting, people using cell phones to shop in Indonesia occupies the highest proportion of South Asia countries including Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. On the other hand, Indonesia has a large number of smartphone users. And the number of subscribers has increased to 43% from 28% last year, reaching to 250 million. Thus it can be seen that selling online in Indonesia depends heavily on the popularity of smartphones and the habits of shopping by mobile phones.

Comments on selling online in Indonesia

Generally, numerous e-commerce companies compete with each other by discount instead of technology, especially in a mobile device. Many experts point out that selling online should coordinate with users’ locations and favorites.The forming process of selling online industry is increasingly accelerating in Indonesia. Maybe all the companies should think more deeply about the next few years’ plans.


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